My name is Carla

I do almost everything!

Digital Design, UX UI,
Websites, Social Media

About Me!

I’m loves the challenges.

I have a degree in Graphic Design, with two specializations: Professional Webmaster, in which I got the basic knowledge to build responsive websites.

The other specialization is about Usability and Web Accessibility, which aims to build digital pieces whether they are: web, applications, software, with accessibility standards for people with disabilities, also using usability criteria, where the design is focused on the user.
I’m giving guidance to independent entrepreneurs who are seeking to optimize their social networks and get more followers/potential customers. I’m using Personal Branding strategies with them.

I create strategic content and then guide the whole ad campaign with a different type of public segmentation. I manage campaigns in Facebook Ads too, working especially in Interaction, Potential Clients Generation, Visits to the Business, Messenger.



Design research is carried out in a context of specific use, with a set of tasks to support the strategic design and development of products and services.



The acquired knowledge is used for the production of new materials, devices, products, procedures, systems or services or for their substantial improvement, including the realization of prototypes.



The objective is to launch a novelty or a concrete improvement to the market. In addition to having a launch strategy as flexible as possible. The ability to adapt is exactly what a launch process needs.



Measuring the result of all the phases involved in the action is key, and the optimization of processes is the basis if efficient results and productive work are sought.


Jr. Pizza is a pizzeria located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Requirements for a design plan and social media: brochure, monthly publications for Facebook / Instagram, templates for stories, posters, campaign management.

If you are interested in a new image for your business, contact me and I'll give you my services.

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Best Services

Digital Design

Creation of pieces for different media (online / offline) without scale without limits.

Website Responsive

Design of websites adaptable to different devices with usability criteria.


Analysis and proposal of digital prototypes focused on user experience and interaction.

Social Media Manager

Creation, administration and optimization of Facebook and Instagram campaigns.


Information gathering and presentation of proposals for digital transformation.


Individual or group training on social networks and digital transformation.

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